Featured Employee - Natalie Fryer

Natalie is one of our Senior Carers and has been working here non-stop for the past 18 years.  That said, she looks as fresh as a daisy even though she has 2 youngsters at home to keep her busy in every aspect of her life!  I cornered Natalie to get a few random facts and here's what I found out...

1. If she was a Mister Men character she would be Little Miss Sunshine as she is always happy and never miserable

2. On her Bucket List is... Going up in a hot air balloon, travelling to Hawaii and Hiring a Winnebago to travel around America

3. Finally, I asked Natalie "What advice would you give to your 13 year old self?"  (Now, I hope Natalie's dad is reading this as it is unequivocal evidence he was right!)

" I would have told myself to listen to my dad when he said go to University"

and what would she have studied?... PATHOLOGY!


Julie Richardson

We are currently recruiting for care staff to join our happy team at Edwina!

Part time positions available with good rates of pay and shifts to fit around family life and other commitments... What more could you want?!

For an application form please pop in or email julie@emhromsey.co.uk

We look forward to hearing from you soon




Julie Richardson
Hamish the Dog

The saying 'Mans best friend' comes to mind...Hamish was a big hit with the residents and Staff!

Despite a number of people wanting to smuggle Hamish home with them, I am pleased to say he went home with his rightful owners.  Pheeew!

Julie Richardson
Featured Employee - Angela O'Harte

Angela is our very busy Registered Manager here at Edwina Mountbatten House. She is a very happy and proud grandmother of 3 and is married to our maintenance/handy man Gordon whose never ending list of jobs to do keeps them both very busy.

Angela is  passionate that Edwina is our residents home and does anything and everything to make everyone feel welcome.  She can often be seen running around the house laughing and joking with the residents and gets stuck into everything... she even cares on her rare days off... if she takes them!

Angela is a master of her craft and is happy to see everyone but make her a milky cup of tea and she will let you know about it!

Julie Richardson
Featured Employee - Julie Richardson

Julie works part time as our business administrator.  She is married with 2 small children and juggles family life and working with a lot of help from her superhero mother.  She is definitely her mothers daughter following a very similar career path and Julie hopes to be as big an asset to Edwina as her mother was in the learning disability sector.

Outside of work Julie likes to spend time outdoors with family and friends and has recently started a pilates course, so if you see her hunched over, wandering around and looking pained this is why!

As long as she has a hot cup of tea on her desk Julie will greet you with a big smile and help with anything she can.

Julie Richardson
Christmas at Edwina

Christmas is always an extra special time of year and the elves pulled out all the stops to make it a home from home here at Edwina.  

Mr Claus made a special appearance, which delighted many of the residents and we all look forward to a very happy 2018.

With special thanks to Romsey Rotary Club for their very kind donation to this years Christmas gifts.

Julie Richardson