Featured Employee - Natalie Fryer

Natalie is one of our Senior Carers and has been working here non-stop for the past 18 years.  That said, she looks as fresh as a daisy even though she has 2 youngsters at home to keep her busy in every aspect of her life!  I cornered Natalie to get a few random facts and here's what I found out...

1. If she was a Mister Men character she would be Little Miss Sunshine as she is always happy and never miserable

2. On her Bucket List is... Going up in a hot air balloon, travelling to Hawaii and Hiring a Winnebago to travel around America

3. Finally, I asked Natalie "What advice would you give to your 13 year old self?"  (Now, I hope Natalie's dad is reading this as it is unequivocal evidence he was right!)

" I would have told myself to listen to my dad when he said go to University"

and what would she have studied?... PATHOLOGY!


Julie Richardson