Words from our Residents and Staff

I was born in 1922. I find it difficult remembering things. Always someone around if I need help and to give me company.
— Dorothea (2015)
I consider myself a good team player and able to work under pressure. I am very organised. I like working at Edwina as it is always a happy place. I also love to be able to help others.
— Lorna - Senior Carer (27 years of service)
I’m Natalie, mother of 2 small children and lover of anything crafty. I’ve been working at Edwina since I was 16 and couldn’t imagine doing anything else. I love working at Edwina because of the lovely homely atmosphere and the satisfaction it gives to helping others
— Natalie (Carer)
John, a private gentleman, loves dogs. Lots of TLC given to me, feels happy to have ended up at Edwina.
— John (2015)
I like to be needed and to help people. My car knows the way to Romsey! LOL x
— Hilary
Hi everyone, my name is Kim. I love working at Edwina because I enjoy helping peoples day get better, with laughter. I am always telling jokes and making people laugh. I love to dance and encourage others to do the same. If you are near me and music comes on watch out you will be dancing with me. I love to be on a fast motorbike with the wind blowing through my hair. Life is for living.
— Kim (Dancer!)
Not lost my sense of humour, always think of the good times. Everyone is kind and helpful. I always feel safe here.
— June (2014)
I like to keep busy doing crosswords, knitting. Home is comfortable. We are looked after and fed well.
— Phyl (1998)

Reasons I like working at
Edwina Mountbatten

by Denice Pearce


Working with the elderly gives me a real opportunity to make a real difference in someones life, and the residents truly need the service we can provide, from helping them to bathe and dress or serve them meals.  Helping them with personal care and helping the residents retain their independence.

It is important to me to make certain that the residents in my care home are receiving the needs effectively and communication is always satisfied.

I love working in a job where I am appreciated and caring for other people makes me feel valued.

I treat my clients as if they were my own parents, old age is going to come to us all so I care for people as I would like to be treated myself.  I also love that every shift is different and the work can be so varied.

I get immense satisfaction from my work, and I always feel supported in my role by my managers and senior carers and they enjoy making a difference in the lives of others.

Each of the residents in my care home have different needs and my managers and senior carers always tailor the care plans to meet each residents individual needs.

I go home at the end of my shifts with great job satisfaction knowing that I also have the support from other team members I work with.  I enjoy the challenges and the social interaction of coming to work at Edwina Mountbatten.