Words from our Residents and Staff

I was born in 1922. I find it difficult remembering things. Always someone around if I need help and to give me company.
— Dorothea (2015)
I consider myself a good team player and able to work under pressure. I am very organised. I like working at Edwina as it is always a happy place. I also love to be able to help others.
— Lorna - Senior Carer (27 years of service)
I’m Natalie, mother of 2 small children and lover of anything crafty. I’ve been working at Edwina since I was 16 and couldn’t imagine doing anything else. I love working at Edwina because of the lovely homely atmosphere and the satisfaction it gives to helping others
— Natalie (Carer)
John, a private gentleman, loves dogs. Lots of TLC given to me, feels happy to have ended up at Edwina.
— John (2015)
I like to be needed and to help people. My car knows the way to Romsey! LOL x
— Hilary
Hi everyone, my name is Kim. I love working at Edwina because I enjoy helping peoples day get better, with laughter. I am always telling jokes and making people laugh. I love to dance and encourage others to do the same. If you are near me and music comes on watch out you will be dancing with me. I love to be on a fast motorbike with the wind blowing through my hair. Life is for living.
— Kim (Dancer!)
Not lost my sense of humour, always think of the good times. Everyone is kind and helpful. I always feel safe here.
— June (2014)
I like to keep busy doing crosswords, knitting. Home is comfortable. We are looked after and fed well.
— Phyl (1998)

Reasons I like working at
Edwina Mountbatten

by Loretta Bailey


“I worked in administration for over 25 years and decided that I needed a change of career.

I did agency work for approximately 6 months and decided to be a carer as I am very passionate about people.

Working at Edwina Mountbatten house for over a year now has given me the challenge and prospects in a worthwhile career that I really enjoy.

Edwina has helped me to develop new skills and offered endless training courses which has really assisted me to deliver a very high level of care and make a difference to the residents lives by giving them the opportunity to enjoy life as independently as possible.

All staff and management have helped me progress and I have always felt confident to ask for help and guidance when needed.  I am able to respond to the residents individual needs as and when required on a daily basis.  We are all team players and help is always on hand should I require it. 

No two days are the same!”